Fragments that represent the world

07.02.2019 - 26.05.2019

Rosana Antolí | Gerard Ortín | Julia Mariscal | Rodríguez-Méndez

And they threw me out,

just because I drag my feet

when I walk,

because I move slowly,

I look around

even when it is not indispensable.

It´s a Hard Life ,

Luciano Bianciardi (1962)

I would like to talk about traveling theories, of how it is more than ever necessary to bring language to the stage and of how a space of conversation can help us to locate ourselves in a more deliberate, thoughtful and shared imagery.

Someone said that gossip is performative, so that words mark occasions and events that we end up attaching to a place through gestures. Small nuances enhanced by the moments we experience that make us understand our relationship with the world, with others and with ourselves.

A critical approach to spaces would be useful in order for us to assimilate that the state of things is nothing more than a set of changing values, in which urban shocks are needed to interrupt the rules, forge other skills and value disobedience in the face of continuous uncertainty of expectation.

In this way a new emotional substance begins to develop in which the presence of bodies is able to activate spaces, where the force of the gesture leads us to understand that the crowd is nothing but a set of singularities, with ways of being and feeling so profound that they become universal.

This second exhibition moment is considered as a cycle of progressive interventions in the space where five artists construct a fragmented story full of omens and futures. In this way, the places are invaded and the residues settle to open up the lapse of the unforeseen, the one that flows from every communicative action that lends itself to the interchangeability of roles between sender and receiver.

A border thinking2
that emerges from local histories, global designs and new adaptations in order to transcend the ways of analyzing the pieces with which we build the world, configuring a symbolic gesture that digs deeply into that which is political, magical, social and choreographical and is enclosed within our bodies.

1 P. A Grammar of the Multitude. For an Analysis of Contemporary Forms of Life makes reference to Walter Benjamin and his urban shocks.

2 Mignolo, W. Local Histories/Global Designs Coloniality, Subaltern Knowledges, and Border Thinking.

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