Matter of faith / Matter of piece

04.10.2018 - 20.01.2019

Lucia C. Pino | David Bestué | Felipe Talo | Martin Llavaneras

Looking from above is not looking.

You have to look at the level of other eyes

Der Himmel über Berlin, Wim Wenders

Matter of faith / Matter of piece is the first exhibition of the cycle Totality and Infinite [economies of transfer in other time(s) for art], a curatorial research project that approaches the idea of exhibiting art as a great act of transfer.

This exhibition houses different forms of artistic production and focuses on four artists in order to build a place for once again insisting on the value of deformation as a path towards other qualities of conjunction.

This is an excuse that we use to imagine all the context possibilities that open up when we forget about the linearity of concepts and “get carried away” by the piece, by the part and sometimes by the whole, under the premise that all the selections will aspire at once.

We propose altering the order and the principles in a space that becomes elastic in order to change the meaning depending on how the resources, modes and angles of our approach differ, and by doing so believe again the vector of contact, in that process that comes gradually, and that makes two elements that were separate suddenly touch one another.

Weaving a supposed figuration that is transformed, finished off, put together and bent in order to check that the fragment remains, is stretched, evoking a muted movement that continues to propagate.

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